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Being a dynamic leader manufacturer and distributor of high quality plastic packaging for different industries/markets: Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, Food, Oil, house hold, automotive, among others), our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities utilize extrusion blow-molding, injection, injection blow technologies that process a wide variety of plastic resins all being compliant with Food and Drug Administration including:

(Polyethylene Terephthalate)

+ High clarity excellent for clear bottles

+ Good impact strength + gas barrier

+ Attractive for cosmetics and food
Quick Facts

+ Max. Temperature: 140°F

+ Min. Temperature: -40°F

+ Rigid

(High Density Polyethylene)

+ HDPE is best used for blow molding technologies for producing products such as: Bottles, Trays and Containers

+ Outstanding for any food related products, FDA, NSF, and USDA approved for direct contact

+ Good chemical resistance and high rigidity

+ Good impact resistance high tensile strength
Quick Facts

+ Max. Temperature: 248°F 120°C

+ Min. Temperature: -148°F -100°C

+ Melting Point: 266°F 130°C

+ Rigid & Translucent

(Polyvinyl Chloride)

+ Polyvinylchloride is a transparent material with a bluish tint. It has a very good resistance to oils and it has a low permeability to gases

+ Mostly used for cosmetic and automotive markets.

Quick Facts

+ Max. Temperature: 158°F 70°C

+ Min. Temperature: -13°F -25°C

+ Melting Point: 176°F 80°C

+ Rigid & Clear


+ A major advantage is Polypropylene's higher temperature resistance making it a good candidate for hot fillers

+ Propylene is autoclaveable for usage in biohazardous environments.

+ Excellent resistance to dilute and concentrated Acids, Alcohols, Bases and Mineral Oils
Quick Facts

+ Max. Temperature: 275°F 135°C

+ Min. Temperature: 32°F 0°C

+ Melting Point: 338°F 170°C

+ Rigid & Translucent