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As mentioned in our advantages: quality can make or break a business. Fortunately we have taken this as one of our top priorities when operating our business along with the safety of all our employees. We have an effective and detailed quality procedure followed by our QC team on a daily basis. Using high precision lab equipment along with custom equipment made in our shop, we have maintained a steady high quality standard along the years of operation by having full control of the following:

Resin Quality
Our plants only utilize high quality resin compliant with Food and Drug Administration to ensure safety of all end users. We also offer post consumer resin along with color pigments that meet FDA requirements good for: food, nutritional, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic markets.

Hourly Checks in Each Line
Performing hourly and daily checks ensures that all product meet specifications. Our Quality control team has gone through extensive training; always assuring high quality product will be packed in each line.

Leak Detection Equipment
Having in line leak detectors will assure to catch any perforation in bottle in house and not in our customer’s facility. Equipment is calibrated daily by our technicians, making sure that they are working in optimal condition as having a small hole in a bottle can mean big problems for our customers.
First Piece Inspection
Before starting a new order in each line, we make sure that product is up to spec. Checking first pieces of each of the cavities will serve as a go no go to start production in line. If product does not meet standards, QC reports it to our technicians to address situation immediately. Machine will not begin production until QC gives final approval and when standards are met.

For our customers’ peace of mind, some of our hourly/daily checks/tests include:

+ Cap torque (in lbs/inch)
+ Weight
+ Drop tests
+ Color
+ Consistency
+ Neck finish dimensions
+ Flame treatment
+ Leak test